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Friday, May 13, 2011

What a Beautiful Day!

Indeed it is a beautiful day in Canada to be taking a stroll around the neighborhood. Just look who is doing the strolling with such style in her pretty pick dress! Ms. Joy herself was out and about  before going to her doctor's visit today.
Joy said she counted the staples as they were removed and the number was in the upper 40's. The doctor felt it best to leave several of them in place until next week to allow more healing. Other than that everything seems to be coming along just fine. Rest and taking it easy are still the prescribed medicine for her at this time. It is so hard when you are use to being on the go, to just lay around and do nothing. Please continue to pray for Joy and her family daily.
Thanking God daily for the healing He is doing in her life.

Loving My Friend Joy, "Faith"
Diane "Hope"


patricia e said...

So good to see Joy up and about and all dressed up to boot! Glad you got to the dr. today and had some of your staples removed. I know what having staples removed feels like and I don't wish it upon anyone. I had a knee replacement and had over 40 taken out as well...what a difference when they were gone...You are doing so well, Joy! I know it's so hard to do nothing! I was home for 3 months doing just the same thing. Hope you are sleeping well these days. Are you on any pain medication anymore? I will pray for continued healing and a peace and understanding that everything is going to to plan..Praying for more beautiful days ahead.

Joyful said...

Thanks Patricia. You're right. Staple removal wasn't fun. The Dr decided to leave a few in still and I'll return on Wed to have them out. There was a little area that had some weeping even at the hospital and he felt it could just do with a little more time.

I feel like I took a step or two backwards today in the healing process. The incision looks worse with the staples gone, but the Dr seemed pleased with it. I'll be extra careful over the next few days especially as it continues to mend together.

Yes, I have pain meds. The pain was pretty much gone until today. Ouch! Back on some pills right now.

So glad I made it out this morning for a short walk as I think I'll be resting a lot over the next couple of the forecast is rain.

Claiming His promise of sweet sleep tonight.

Renee Swope said...

I love seeing you in your pretty pink dress!! You look amazing and so pretty with your cute little walker.

Now, rest, rest, rest. That is how the incision is going to heal sweet friend. I"m glad to hear that is in your plans. Can't wait to see you in June. Leah and I plan to come see you for a little while on that Sunday or Monday after the first weekend I am at Muskoka.

Love yoU!

Anonymous said...

Jeanne E. Rumbley says:
May 14, 2011 at 6:15 pm
Jeanne E. Rumbley says:
May 14, 2011 at 5:51 pm
I did not get a chance to send an email to you, but I did keep up with your surgery and recovery on your and your sweet friend’s blog. I have lifted you up in prayer many times, and I was just wondering if you would mind sharing your address with me. My email is I have not had cancer, but my moma came from a family of 13 children; three of her sisters had breast cancer, double masectomies, reconstruction surgery for 2 of them, and two of them died after years of the cancer, but the cancer was not the reason for their death. My Aunt Connie went through all of that at the age of 34, and she is 67 now. These were women of faith and they were mighty fighters. They have been such great role models for me, my children, and my nieces. I know that in my heart, you are an outstanding example of sustaining/enduring the cancer because of your faith and trust in God. I see you as one of His mightiest warriors who will demonstrate His strength working in you and through you. He will be glorified in mighty ways through you even by your not being able to thank Him for this circumstance as a gift. He may not be ready for you to accept this as a gift—I didn’t see my own moma’s death as a gift (in Dec. 2009) until just about 6 months ago when my daughter had our 3rd grandchild. It’s a long story, and if you ever want me to share, I will. Only the Lord could give me the strength to say “a gift”; He is sovereign.
All of this to say, Joy, you have been in my heart and my prayers since I first learned of your journey…..I am praying for you and your family and all the people who love you and care for you and about you.
Mema Jeanne, NC

Joy, I put this on Friday’s post, but today is Sat., so I moved the message to today.

Leah said...

You are amazing! Strolling around the neighborhood with over 40 stitches in place. My goodness!!

I'm so glad that Diane is returning to Canada this week. I'm sure you're so excited about her arrival.

Praying for your continued healing.

Love and hugs,