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Monday, May 2, 2011


How many times have you heard a saying that begins, “Faith is"?  Many of these statements seem to hold true at one point or another in our lives. However, for me,“Faith is,my best friend.” As such, I have been entrusted with the privilege of updating the special people in her life as to her progress after surgery. Make sure to sign up for the email updates or become a follower to our blog so you will receive the latest news.

Today as we were praying through the surgery process together, we recognized a truth that we are daily called to embrace. At times there are situations and circumstances that we must face with no other human being present. We must rely only on our “faith” and our relationship with God. Have you ever been in one of those situations? Maybe it was as you were being wheeled to the operating room right before a major surgery. Perhaps it was having to ask for forgiveness from a loved one. Without the secure knowledge that you are His, it is a scary place to be. Joy knows as she is wheeled down that hall and into the operating room, that Her Heavenly Father has her covered. There is nothing He has forgotten, and she need not be afraid. Joy’s life is a testimony of Christ living in her and He will honor her trust in Him.

The Details:

Arrival to the hospital8:45am
Surgery :                        10:50am

*They have informed Joy it could be up to 6 hours before the family gets word on her status.
I will post information as soon as I receive it. I will also try to answer any questions you might have.

Standing in the gap with “Faith”, Joy.

Diane “Hope”


Joyful said...

Hee hee, it's funny posting a comment on my own blog. :)

Well, this is it. The day has finally arrived. Just wanted to let you know I actually slept through the night without waking once...HUGE answer to prayer.

Also, since writing you last, GUESS WHAT? I received a call last night from a Christian gal who works at the hospital where I'll be having surgery. She won't be there today, (although even offered to come if I thought I needed her), but she will be there tomorrow and through to the weekend!!! She even gave me her cell phone number if there is anything I need. God again has done more than I could ask or imagine. He is good all the time and my heart is blessed by this added sense of peace. I wonder what other surprises He has for me.

Well, need to move, but had to just say "hi" to all of you.

Keep praying. Love you all. He is able,

Tracy said...

Joy- praying for you through the day!

Do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord God will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; He will not leave you nor abandon you. --Deut 31:8
With love- Tracy in NJ (from Wendyland)

Lori Prince said...

You are in good hands: God’s! I just heard a pastor say yesterday, “when you can sleep through the night, most definitely you are experiencing the gift of God’s peace in your life!” Trusting in Him for all things. Your mind is free of worry. I was delighted to read about your rested night! AND, the nurse at the hospital! Wow, - God! Hugs, OX
Diane, ~ we love you!

patricia e said...

Thanks Diane for being the kindred spirit, so loved by many and such a huge support to Joy!! There's nothing better than having a best friend...Thank you for the update. Will check in again later this evening. I will also be at Sunnybrook with my father today. Having her so close by will give me the opportunity to say special prayers right in the same building.

Blessings and prayers to both of you