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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Update On Joy (Faith)

How do I begin to thank you for the prayers on behalf of my mama? This is going to be a long battle. Therefore I am going to switch venues to a new web page where you will be able to follow her progress and prayer needs. I appreciate your generosity, patience and attention to my family needs during this time. My heart has never been far from Joy's and although it may appear she has taken a back seat, her spirit has been so kind and graceful through all of this. Kindred Spirits are we! Here is the new site for my mother:
Caringbridge: Gail Conklin

Grab a cup of tea and let's catch up with sweet Joy. We are just shy of three weeks post surgery. Last week she had her remaining staples removed and was told to begin scar massage. According to the level of her anxiety, sensed on the other end of the phone, I felt it might be a bit too soon to begin this. Joy was in total agreement with me. Her incision is not quite healed so her activity level remains very minimal.

Her specific prayer needs at this time are for continued physical healing; for the medicines to do their job; acceptance and patience of this long journey and complete rest.

Most days she is simply exhausted. The day begins well and with much enthusiasm, then after a shower it is all she can do to keep her eyes open. The longing for visitors is overwhelmed by complete fatigue.  Speaking more than a few sentences is wearisome. It is for this reason she is still keeping visitors to a bare minimum. Amidst the daily difficulties that still present themselves, there are praises to be raised here; the stairs are getting easier; she is able to sit out on the back deck and enjoy the warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze of a spring afternoon for very short intervals of time and each day celebrates one more day of recovery.

As many of you know I was to be with Joy last Thursday, but had to cancel due to my mother's heart attack. As hard as it was for both of us, God alone knows why the timing was such. I was able to reschedule my trip for June 7th. In the meantime, Joy will get stronger and I will be here allowing God to continue to work in the hearts and lives of our broken family. When they say God moves in mysterious ways this just goes to affirm my belief in that saying. I never thought in my wildest dreams my life would be where it is today. I'm sure Joy didn't either.  Did you...with your life? No matter how difficult and hard things seem in your world right now, look for the positive.  Look for a fingerprint of God. In fact, I believe you won't find just one.  The key, however, is to look.

Blessing and hugs to my Joy "Faith"
Diane "Hope"


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Blessings and hugs to you both! What a beautiful picture of the body of Christ!!

Paula (Sweetpea) said...

What encouragement this brought me. I always enjoy updates but little did I know my own downtrottened heart would be encouraged. I am endure nothing compared to both you ladies yet I find myself in a state of gloom and doom, trying to be overtaken by hopelessness but we know there is always hope in and with the Lord.

As I just expressed to Joy, your intense bond and connection warm my heart so deeply. Your love is so immeasureable and...words cannot describe it...What a blessing. Something that seems to be missing in me.

Simply, thank you!!!