Kindred Spirits

Thursday, May 26, 2011

24 Day After Surgery

Just look at her friends!  All dressed up and nowhere to go.  Actually, she has made a trip out to her mail box with her trusted walker.  I can testify to the fact, that destination is not a short distance.  Well done my sweet friend, well done!  Can you believe it has been 24 days since surgery?  Look at the difference in this woman.  Through our talks I know she is having a difficult time seeing the daily improvement in her recovery, but it is there. It is often hard to see the changes going on in our life, even when we aren't recovering from surgery.  It is hard to be still and heal either emotionally, physically, or spiritually.  Maybe it is because of the society we live in; a society of fast fixes and instant everything.  We begin to think that our prayers and petitions to God should be fixed fast and instant as well.

As you can see, Joy still gets very tired from just doing the simplest of tasks, so taking a big walk really exhausts her.  Her husband and son have been taking very good care of her.  She has been blessed beyond measure with meals, cards, gifts, and well wishes from dear friends in Canada and the USA.  She's expressed to me, and I'm sure to many of you, how much she has been touched by your love.  I asked her if I could post this picture because to me it symbolizes that she is wrapped in so much love and truly resting.  On Joy's last trip to the States we ventured to Colonial Williamsburg where she saw this blanket with the American flag design.  There was no doubt that Joy was going home with that blanket.  As you can tell it has seen a lot of love.  On her head are a set of Bose headphones and some great music.  This combination has become a great prescription for her relaxation and rest.

Joy is happy to report she is off all pain medication, although she does experience some discomfort from time to time. All staples have been removed and her incision is healing. She has just started using cream for scar massage and she's praying it will help with the recovery process.  She ventured to step on the scales this morning and was happy to see the numbers decreasing.  On June 1st she returns to see the surgeon who performed her operation.  At this appointment she will be given the full results of surgery, and a treatment plan for chemo will be discussed.  This will require riding in a car one hour each way to Toronto.  This is a huge prayer request.   Joy has not travelled in a car longer than 15 min. since the day she came home from the hospital, and this trip could be very hard on her body.  Simple grooming and daily care still makes her weary, along with talking and visiting with friends.  Needless to say our little social bug has more than experienced cabin fever.

Over all, Joy is doing great considering she's 24 days into recovery.  It's never easy when you are the patient and you want be further along than you are now.  Keep the cards, e-mails and all your prayers coming.  They are working and God hears and is answering each one. 

Praising and standing with "Faith
Diane "Hope"

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Update On Joy (Faith)

How do I begin to thank you for the prayers on behalf of my mama? This is going to be a long battle. Therefore I am going to switch venues to a new web page where you will be able to follow her progress and prayer needs. I appreciate your generosity, patience and attention to my family needs during this time. My heart has never been far from Joy's and although it may appear she has taken a back seat, her spirit has been so kind and graceful through all of this. Kindred Spirits are we! Here is the new site for my mother:
Caringbridge: Gail Conklin

Grab a cup of tea and let's catch up with sweet Joy. We are just shy of three weeks post surgery. Last week she had her remaining staples removed and was told to begin scar massage. According to the level of her anxiety, sensed on the other end of the phone, I felt it might be a bit too soon to begin this. Joy was in total agreement with me. Her incision is not quite healed so her activity level remains very minimal.

Her specific prayer needs at this time are for continued physical healing; for the medicines to do their job; acceptance and patience of this long journey and complete rest.

Most days she is simply exhausted. The day begins well and with much enthusiasm, then after a shower it is all she can do to keep her eyes open. The longing for visitors is overwhelmed by complete fatigue.  Speaking more than a few sentences is wearisome. It is for this reason she is still keeping visitors to a bare minimum. Amidst the daily difficulties that still present themselves, there are praises to be raised here; the stairs are getting easier; she is able to sit out on the back deck and enjoy the warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze of a spring afternoon for very short intervals of time and each day celebrates one more day of recovery.

As many of you know I was to be with Joy last Thursday, but had to cancel due to my mother's heart attack. As hard as it was for both of us, God alone knows why the timing was such. I was able to reschedule my trip for June 7th. In the meantime, Joy will get stronger and I will be here allowing God to continue to work in the hearts and lives of our broken family. When they say God moves in mysterious ways this just goes to affirm my belief in that saying. I never thought in my wildest dreams my life would be where it is today. I'm sure Joy didn't either.  Did you...with your life? No matter how difficult and hard things seem in your world right now, look for the positive.  Look for a fingerprint of God. In fact, I believe you won't find just one.  The key, however, is to look.

Blessing and hugs to my Joy "Faith"
Diane "Hope"

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Victory Dance For Mama

Thank you to those storming heavens gates with prayers and intersession on behalf of my family. Tonight there is a new song mama is dancing to, one of sweet victory. The road ahead is hopeful long and filled with unknowns.
Yesterday before she was put in isolation I had the chance to spend some time with mama alone. The Lord laid upon my heart Psalm 18 1-6. I tweaked it making it fit her needs. As I read specific words she would double blink, her way of saying yes,as if to stand in agreement with His word. I don't remember a time in my life that my mother and I have ever share God's word in such a sweet way. Out of such a tragic situation He has brought such healing to our broken family, His fingerprints are every where right now. AMEN!
Since her open heart surgery Monday morning, her kidneys and liver have been failing. The family has been called in twice as we stared at death's door. She is fighting and defying all medical odds with  all glory be to our Heavenly Father. About an hour ago I talked to my dad and got some more good news. They have decreased some of her medicines, all internal bleeding has stopped and there is no need for further surgery. Her liver is fully functioning allowing her heart to function on it's own. She has some color back in her cheeks and her body temperture is much better. Although she is not out of the woods by any means she is making great strides in the right direction. Prayers are being heard and I ask you to please continue to storm heavens with you prayers and petitions for her and my family.
Here is Psalms 18 1-6  David's Song of Victory (Mama Victory)
1) How I love you, Lord! You are my defender.
2) The Lord is my protector; He is my strong fortress.My God is my protection.and with Him I am safe,
    He protects me like a shield;He defends me and keeps me, safe.
3) I call to the Lord,and He saves me from my sickness. Praise the Lord!
4) The danger of death was all around me; the waves of destruction rolled over me.
5 )The danger of death was around me; and the grave set its trap for me.
6) In my trouble I called to the Lord; I called to my God for help. In his temple He heard my voice, He
    listened to my cry for help.
Verse29 You give me strength to attack my sickness and power to overcome.

Thank you to my sweet bestest friend Joy who is just aching with feeling so helpless. Although our hearts long to be together our spirits are.We know the Father has a purpose for this delay. Remember to keep her in your prayers as she if getting stronger each day. She has all her staples out now but is still having pain and some difficulty getting around. This weekend will be a tough one for her because it was going to be "our weekend together."
Please send some extra love her way.
Keeping Faith in my prayers and thoughts.
Hope "Diane"

Sometimes a Picture of someone helps with prayer. Here is a picture of my mama.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Divine Embrace

Friends, it has been a long night.  Diane and I have spoken almost hourly and we are encouraging each other in the Lord, holding on to His promises and drawing strength from one another.  We are so thankful for cell phones, iPods and text messages.

As I lay awake through many passing hours, I was in a constant state of prayer.  The only sound that echoed through the silence was the rain beating down on the fireplace vent.  How fitting...rain.   Just yesterday I read that God is the Redeemer of the Rain.  I loved that expression.  The Redeemer of the Rain.  The first drop becomes a mist.  The mist becomes a drizzle.  The drizzle a shower until finally the heavens open to a downpour.  We are left drenched and soaking.  Cold and wet.  Shivering,  Wondering if we'll ever feel that cozy dry warmth again. 

Rain is vital to life.  We draw strength from storms.  God is making us stronger as we rely on Him.  If we allow Him to, He will bring beauty out of ashes, healing out of pain and new life from losses.

Today it appears that Diane's mom might be putting on some new dancing shoes for a divine embrace.  Diane sent me this message just minutes ago:

"Mama is going to dance with Jesus today.  She is not there yet and still struggling.  Please keep praying.  Her family is deeply hurting and will miss her very much.  Thank you for all your prayers."

Friends, lets surround Diane and her family with prayer.  The orchestra is assembling.  A most glorious composition is about to be heard for the very first time.  The instruments are tuning.  The stage is set.  The dance could possibly soon begin.  Eyes are about to lock for the very first time as Diane's sweet mama falls into the arms of her Savior for the most beautiful dance the angels have ever seen.

Listening for the music while hugging my friend so close,

PS.  Just received another text from Diane.  Her mom has rallied.  Although her health is still a major concern, some test results are looking a little brighter.  Let's just continue to pray for God's will and peace and strength for all the family.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Standing in the Need of Prayer

Dear friends, I come to you tonight with such a heavy heart.  I am broken beyond belief and quite honestly have no words.  I don't understand.  Lord...have we not gone through enough?  I know Your Word tells us that You will not give us more than we can handle...but it seems like this is just too much.

This is Joy, aka "Faith" writing to you tonight...not for myself, but for my dearest and most precious friend Diane, aka "Hope".  In the very early hours of today I received a text from my bestest friend saying that her mom was in a critical state in intensive care.  She had undergone open heart surgery, and medically things looked very severe. 

As I have kept in touch with Diane continually throughout the day, around 3:00pm all the family were called to the hospital.  Many family members, who Diane has not seen in years, were present by the bedside.  Words of healing and of love have been spoken and for this we give the Lord praise.

I spoke with Diane moments ago and her mom is still hanging on.  She is aware of every one's presence, and although speaking is difficult, she is finding ways to communicate some of her needs.  She was able to mouth the words, "I love you" and respond to some questions by blinking her eyes in response.

Friends, you have been so faithful in praying for me.  It is my longing that you would surround my precious friend right now with your prayers.  I can't describe the ache in my heart.  Longing to hop on a plane and be there to comfort and support Diane, yet unable to do so.  I can't stop the tears. 

As you can assume, the trip planned for her happy, anticipated arrival tomorrow has been cancelled.  We have no idea when this will be rescheduled or how the Lord will lead in a visit any time soon.  As both of us sobbed together on the phone minutes ago, we prayed for God's presence to surround us both.  We don't understand, yet we trust.  We trust in a God who is calling us to trust completely and only in Him.  We both feel like asking, "Lord, has there not been enough?", yet beyond the questions and confusion, there is God.  We will continue to trust His heart when we don't see His hand.

Two little girls crawl up on their Father's lap tonight.  His arms are big enough to stretch across the miles and hold us both in His comforting embrace.  A great evangelist in Ireland shared a message years ago that brings this promise.  When great trials of affliction come, life can still be an uninterrupted psalm of victory because no matter what life brings, for this we have Jesus.

Please storm heaven on behalf of Diane...please.  Pray for her mom and for all her family.  The only thing I can do from this end is pray, and ask for your prayers to uphold them all.  I realize prayer is the greatest thing....but oh how I long to give her a hug.  Diane is assured of her mom's salvation and for this we give thanks.  Please pray the Lord will bring a strength, comfort and peace that only He can give. 

"No ocean can hold it back.
No river can overtake it.
Nor whirlwind can go faster.
No army can defeat it.
No law can stop it.
No distance can slow it.
No disease can cripple it.
No force on earth is more powerful or effective than

In the ever-changing circumstances of life, there is a faithful never-changing God in control.
Lord, hold Diane in the palm of Your hand and in the center of Your heart.
Love ya my friend...sending tons of hugs.
Not ceasing in prayer.  Join hands with me friends and let's form a circle of love around Diane.
By your side in spirit,

Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane......

For weeks my heart has has longed to say those words and mean them.My body has wanted to jump on the first flight to Canada since Joy's surgery, but the Lord kept telling me to "wait." Have you ever wanted to do something or be somewhere when He has told you to "wait?" It isn't an easy thing to do. But I have found if you stand still and let God move you, the answers will come.
I found myself sitting in a new church Sunday morning, in an empty pew, "waiting" for the message. Guess what it was on? "How to Wait," oh I was there by divine appointment and I needed to listen. I walked away with three nuggets.
Wait Quietly
Wait Patiently
Wait Expectantly
I had been praying about timing to be with Joy so much that I was missing the things the Lord was doing all around me. I stopped and let it all go, totally let go of all of it. My hopes, my timelines, my desires everything. Last night when Joy and I were talking there was a peace that washed over me beyond all understanding. Even though all the pieces weren't in place yet, it was time.Joy was so broken and longed for me to be there. This weekend is like our Memorial Day for Canada. Joy's whole family needed to be away to open their summer homes. There were concerns as to who would sit with Joy. Like I said I missed all that God was doing around me. Her family had prepared to sacrifice their time and switch off days to be with Joy. Knowing they too needed some time away. God worked it all out. So last night I text Joy and broke the news of my confirmed flight. I could feel the tears of happiness soak the screen.
This morning I received an email from her sister telling me how my trip was blessing the family Me coming at this specific time will allow them to get some time together, but more important that Joy was happy and the smiling hasn't stopped.

So when you wait on the Lord quietly, patiently and expectantly it may not just be you that reaps the rewards.

On Thursday I will be leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again. Oh yeah can't wait to go.....
Going to see "Faith"
Praising God For His Provision
Diane "Hope"

Friday, May 13, 2011

What a Beautiful Day!

Indeed it is a beautiful day in Canada to be taking a stroll around the neighborhood. Just look who is doing the strolling with such style in her pretty pick dress! Ms. Joy herself was out and about  before going to her doctor's visit today.
Joy said she counted the staples as they were removed and the number was in the upper 40's. The doctor felt it best to leave several of them in place until next week to allow more healing. Other than that everything seems to be coming along just fine. Rest and taking it easy are still the prescribed medicine for her at this time. It is so hard when you are use to being on the go, to just lay around and do nothing. Please continue to pray for Joy and her family daily.
Thanking God daily for the healing He is doing in her life.

Loving My Friend Joy, "Faith"
Diane "Hope"

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Settling In At Home

Our sweet friend has been home almost 48 hours and settled in nicely. Although traveling home in her "PJ's" felt somewhat awkward and amazing at the same time, the trip was uneventful. When they turned into the driveway a melody of balloons and signs were waiting their arrival. Her men had no problem getting her up the stairs and settled into their comfy home, where she enjoyed her long awaited lunch of Brunswick Stew.
Later that evening we were able to Skype for a few minutes. It was so good to connect with her on a visual level, she looks great! As I tried not to make her laugh, she did smile and that was uplifting.Her guys were getting supper ready in the background.

Yesterday she had climbed the stairs, (lots of them) had a shower and kept her pain under control. Every now and then it grabs her to let her know she has to still lay low, but that's a good thing.She asked to please tell all of you how much she appreciated the cards, packages, flowers and prayers you have sent. Please be patient with her in getting out a responses until her strength returns. I asked her for specific prayer requests.
Prayer requests;
*continued strength
*removal of staples on Friday at 2:00
*patience (I added this one for her)
*continued pain control
*her family as they continue on this journey with her

With regard to further treatment, Joy is to return to the cancer center on June 1st. At that point they will discuss the options. She will  need to undergo chemotherapy and mostly likely this will be the next step.Please continue to send you prayers and well wishes to our Joy. I did hear this morning the "hot flashes" have begun. (another prayer request)

Lifting my friend and sister Joy "Faith",
Diane "Hope"

Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh, Victory In Jesus!

"Oh Victory in Jesus, my Savior forever," Ey, can you hear it in the air my friends? Tis the song of the day being sung from Canada! Yes, indeed there is victory in His Holy name this morning with our sister Joy!
As I think back to all the blessings this week has held, I stand in awe of even the smallest details not left to chance. Joy and I just hung up and  to say she was giddy would about sum up her state of emotions.

She is leaving the hospital about 11:00 and will be home for lunch. Prayers for her journey home would be:
*pain control
*getting into the house safely due to steps

Thank you to those who have been here for Joy this week. May each of you continue to pray with her during her journey of recovery.
God Bless,
Diane "Hope"

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Breakthroughs and Blessings This Mother's Day

Yesterday marked milestone's in Joy's recovery. Solid food was on the menu and she was able to eat two meals. She challenged herself by walking to the patient lobby. Then celebrated by making a 10 second phone call, while standing up. As the night drew to a close she looked forward to room mate free ward. However in the early morning hours that changed. The Lord allowed another break through in Joy's recovery.

To give Joy a sense of security, every night, after visiting hours, we left our texting up on our IPod 's . This would allow Joy an instant connection if the need arose. Most nights I slept right through the messages, however last night the Lord woke me at just the right time. Shortly after 3 a.m. she sent a message about her new roommate. This was the first time Joy had come face to face with the nasty disease of cancer. It made her start to look at her situation with acceptance and she said the words "I have cancer." On and off for the next 3 hours we prayed and talked. A new level of acceptance was born in this incredible woman, another step in her journey of recovery taken. Yes, while there is the diagnoses of cancer, our heavenly Father has one of cure. You sweet friend no longer have cancer growing in you, because you have had removed. On this Mother's Day 2011 there could be no more sweeter gift from our Heavenly Father.

Trusting you will still go home tomorrow. We will pray for mercy with travel and pain. 
Praising with the break thru's and lifting up the request for "Faith."
Diane "Hope"

Friday, May 6, 2011

Praises and Prayers from Joy

As I wiped the tears from my eyes tonight and hung up the phone, it hit me I wasn't quite sure why I was crying. Anyone else had that kind of week? It has been an emotional week to say the least, but one that ended with Joy sounding really good on the phone tonight. Among her many praises were sleeping all night, nausea and pain under control, walking further each day, getting stronger and of course the visits and prayers of loved ones.

Among specific prayer requests were healing of the incision, physical strength and the return of her body's natural own rhythmn. Because she is still not able to tolerate solid food, it has extended her stay at the hospital until Monday. At least this way she is guaranteed being waited on hand and foot on Mother's Day.

***We have heard many have not been able to post your comments. I am very sorry about this and have changed some settings. Please send an email if you still can't post and let me know.

Luvs and Hugs to all for Joy "Faith"
Diane "Hope"

Tea Parties and Manicures

One of the best things about having girlfriends, is the freedom we have to pamper one another.Joy was treated to a tea party last night, complete with Victorian Rose teapot and cups. No detail was left undone from the tea biscuits to the scones. As with every pampering session comes a full manicure and a bounty of gifts. Maybe the best pampering of all was the love and attention paid to another girlfriends heart.Perhaps it was the lifting of prayers mixed with tears in of her hospital room. Or it was just taking time to consider what truly makes our girlfriend feel special in her hour of need.

Thank you to these special girlfriends who took time to pamper Joy.
Thank you to my special girlfriends who take time to pamper me.
Today maybe you need to pray about someone who needs to be pampered.
Or perhaps maybe you need a bit of pampering.

What ever the need, don't delay listen to your heart and obey the calling., it will bless beyond all measure.

Thanking the Lord for girlfriends,
Diane "Hope"

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Great News!

"She Is Sleeping!!!" was the text sent by her son this morning. Those are some of the most beautiful words for Joy. Sleep has been illusive these past months. While yesterday morning started out amazing, the day and evening took a more painful twist. So my sweet Joy we rejoice as you sleep.
The doctor's removed her surgical dressing and IV pain pump this morning. Joy was a bit upset she will not be able to wear that new bikini we both had our eyes on, but hey I will give mine up too for the cause. (smile). It appears she may be checking out of The Hotel Sunnybrook maybe as early as this weekend. How wonderful it would be for her to spend Mother's day in the comfort of her own home!
During the night a major praise came when the Lord sent an angel to be beside Joy and comfort her, physically and emotionally. There is no doubt our prayers are being heard, so please continue to lift Joy and her family up whenever they are brought to mind. Gord and Chris are making the trip daily to Toronto and physically that has to be wearing on them. I am rejoicing with all of you in the blessing and praises we have seen and heard thus far. Thank you for loving our sweet Joy. Much love to you my dear friend.

Standing in the Gap with all of you for "Faith",
Diane "Hope"

A Few Words From Joy

Hi all. Yes, it's really almost 2:30 am, but just had my vitals taken and IV bag changed. My sister was right. The day started wonderfully, but by 10:00 it took a terrible turn. Too tired to go into detail, but my sweet nurse around 9pm thought she knew the problem and yet another pill was administered (I've had more meds in two days then I've had in a lifetime), anyway, the pill worked. Also, precious Diane responded to my desperate cry for help and she was able to explain some side effects to me that then let me rest. After 24 hours of no sleep, I've now had 3 sweet hours and I'm going back to sleep now. Love you and please continue to pray. Each day brings new challenges and I'm so weak from 4 days of liquids. 

Hee hee, a nurse just checked on me with a flashlight wanting to know if everything was ok. LOL. Yep, just talking to my peeps. :)

Love you all. Hugs,
Sleepy me :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Joy" Comes In The Morning

If you were up around 7:00 you know our "Joy" did indeed come to us this morning. In case you missed it here is what she posted.

"Hey all, yes it's me. I can't seem to be able to send emails, but the blog connected. Can't write much as the Surgeon is coming to see me BUT just had to thank you for all your love and prayers. God is answering. I cannot believe the peace He has provided. Please continue in prayers and know I cherish you all so much.
Diane...tons and tons of extra love and prayers for you. Wish I could get email to work. HUGS"

For me it is not unusual to see her on line that early, however I must say I was in shock this morning. I am thankful for WI-FI and IPODS. Can I get an amen?
The diagnoses was not what we expected or prayed for,it is however what it is. This is the journey the Lord has right now. It can change at any time and with that there is much hope. Yes, no doubt this journey might take some time, however Joy will not be alone. I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love shown just in the past 24 hours. My dear "Faith" love has no boarders and you have internationally captured the heart of many. 
*provision through surgery
*pain management
*medical staff w/ compassion, twins,
* technology
*that you are able to sit and talk now
*hospital liquid diet that you are able to keep down (sorry but I had to)
what else can you add to this list for Joy today?
Thankful and praising Him,
Diane "Hope"

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Surgery Results

This time last night Joy and I had just finished praying via Skpe. We each spoke about what this night would be like. How if God choose to perform a miracle and remove this mass or what if it was indeed cancer. With each case we talked about the way we would act. Why do we as human try to project what we are going to feel about situations we "might feel?" Because today I can honestly tell you when I received the results, "my planed reaction" was not what I projected.

They did find the mass was cancerous and did a total hysterectomy with a partial removal of her colon, Chemotherapy will be part of her treatment. At this point that is all we know. Joy's recovery is just beginning and she will need her sisters in Christ more than ever. This part of her journey is called "surviving cancer" and it will not be easy, but everything is possible thru Christ.

Continued love for all of you who are praying and love Joy. Thank you for your prayers for me as well.
Standing in the gap for "Faith",

Joy Is Awake (smile)

Our Joy has been moved upstairs to her room. Her husband said she was still pretty out of it and he wasn't able to spend much time with her. At this point Joy has not been told the results of her surgery and I feel it only right to wait until she does before they are disclosed.

Let's praise God for His prevision during her surgery and comfort for her family. Please continue praying in the coming days as recovery challenges present themselves.I will to update you as things come in. Thank you for all your prayers.

Standing in the gap with Faith,

Diane "Hope"

Second Update (Joy Is Out of Surgery)

Just a quick note to let you know Joy is out of surgery and resting in recovery. I will let you know more when she wakes up.

Love and prayers to all who are standing with our "Joy",

Diane "Hope"

First Update

I spoke to Gord, Joy's husband about 10:30 and he said they took had just taken her back for her surgery. He said everything was fine and her spirits were up. When I returned home I found this message from Japhia, Joy's twin sister who asked me to please share it with all of you. I pray you will be blessed by her message, as much as I was.

"Just spoke to Joy moments ago, and while rejocing together over God's assurance of His presence we both would have needed make-up by the time we were through - sadly, Joy can't wear any today.  Oops!
 She called back and asked if I would post a quick synopsis of the verses God gave me this morning for her as I spent time in His presence praying for my "big" sister!! (15 minutes can mean so much!!!)  She has asked me to post briefly the verses that I shared with her.  Thank you for this opportunity to connect to you gals who mean so much to my sister.  Know that distance may separate you physically, but you are truly all her sisters by heart.
 This year I am reading through the Bible on a personal plan, that I have nicknamed, "Read 'til I hear".  I had found the bible reading plans of the last number of years so rushed, and many times, wanted to linger over the verses that seem to be shouting at me at times, or ministering deeply to the quiet places of my heart, but would have to move on to stay on schedule,  This year, I told God that I would read each day, just until I heard His voice, and whatever that meant for me, I was going to commit to reading thus far and no more.  Having experienced this now since January 1st, some days that means one verse, other days that means several chapters, but He has never failed to meet with me.  This morning, in my place of need, was no different.
 I came down, cuddled in my Bible reading corner in our family room, having slept better than expected with my heart so full for Joy, and opened my Bible.  "God, today I need something for Joy.  I need to know that You are giving Joy the victory.  Please Father, speak to me."  I opened my Bible.  Judges 6.  I read,
 "The angel of the Lord appeared ... and said, 'Mighty hero, the Lord is with you.'
'Sir,' Gideon replied, 'if the Lord is with us, why has all this happened to us?  And where are all the miracles our ancestors told us about?  Didn't they say, 'The Lord brought us up out of Egypt?  But now the Lord has abandoned us and handed us over to the Midianites.'
Then the Lord turned to him and said, 'GO WITH THE STRENGTH YOU HAVE, ... I AM SENDING YOU.'
'But Lord,' Gideon replied, 'how can I rescue Israel?  My clan is th eweakest in the whole tribe of Manasseh, and I am the least in my entire family!'
The Lord said to him, 'I WILL BE WITH YOU.  And you will destroy the Midianites as if you were fighting against one man.'
Gideon replied, 'If You are truly going to help me, show me a sign ...'
And the angel of the Lord .... touched the meat and bread ....AND CONSUMED ALL ...
'It is alright,' the Lord replied.  'DO NOT BE AFRAID.  YOU WILL NOT DIE."
 So many times I have asked "why?"  Not Joy, God.  She's the twin that has never caused a moment's trouble to mom and dad; is soft spoken; doesn't live the chaotic busy crazed life of her other half; she is just sweet.  Why Joy?  Why not me?  And where are the miracles our ancestors told us about?? 
 But this morning, here is my Joy - MIGHTY WARRIOR - garbed in weakness, where His strength will be made perfect.  Garbed in humility, where His arms will lift her up.  And treading in the feet of obedience, for God is sending her for His purpose, and HE is with her!!!  He will destroy the enemy attacking her body with one blow, and He will "consume all".  Praise His name!!!!
 "'It IS all right", the Lord replied.  'Do not be afraid.  You will not die.'"
 Words that no one wants to speak, but God did!!!!  It WILL be O.K.!!!
 As I hurry off to get my son to school, I wish I could expand on our conversation, and share with you the oneness that twin-ship allows us.  But, Joy will have great joy in sharing that with you all later, I know!  We cried in the unspoken silences, tears of victory, and I am counting the hours to see her face to face.  We serve a RISEN SAVIOUR ladies, and His eye never leaves us. 
 Thank you in advance for every prayer offered on Joy's behalf today.  I will be with you all in the throne room with each breath I take.  Know that today you are all my sisters too!  And, I'm buying my party hat and getting ready for the celebration!!  Maybe even a new outfit!!  Why not??!!  I'm pretty sure Joy would want me too!!! And, she'd probably want you all to join me too!!! 
 Hugs and love to you all, Japhia  Phil. 3:13,14"

Monday, May 2, 2011


How many times have you heard a saying that begins, “Faith is"?  Many of these statements seem to hold true at one point or another in our lives. However, for me,“Faith is,my best friend.” As such, I have been entrusted with the privilege of updating the special people in her life as to her progress after surgery. Make sure to sign up for the email updates or become a follower to our blog so you will receive the latest news.

Today as we were praying through the surgery process together, we recognized a truth that we are daily called to embrace. At times there are situations and circumstances that we must face with no other human being present. We must rely only on our “faith” and our relationship with God. Have you ever been in one of those situations? Maybe it was as you were being wheeled to the operating room right before a major surgery. Perhaps it was having to ask for forgiveness from a loved one. Without the secure knowledge that you are His, it is a scary place to be. Joy knows as she is wheeled down that hall and into the operating room, that Her Heavenly Father has her covered. There is nothing He has forgotten, and she need not be afraid. Joy’s life is a testimony of Christ living in her and He will honor her trust in Him.

The Details:

Arrival to the hospital8:45am
Surgery :                        10:50am

*They have informed Joy it could be up to 6 hours before the family gets word on her status.
I will post information as soon as I receive it. I will also try to answer any questions you might have.

Standing in the gap with “Faith”, Joy.

Diane “Hope”