Kindred Spirits

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Voice of a Friend

If you thought I was surprised at the email message I received, you should have heard the cry of delight when my American cell started playing the theme song from "Friends" just minutes ago.  Most often it is a solicitor call and I press "Reject", but not this time.  On glancing at the display screen I read, "Diane's Cell".  I eagerly answered it, and sure enough, I heard the voice of my friend.

We only spoke for minutes, but it was so wonderful to hear her voice.  She had quite the evening last night.  Apparently, if I understood correctly, the pain port disconnected in some way causing a leak.  She had to return to the hospital around 8:30pm.  The problem was fixed and she was back home, but she didn't sleep well last night.  Praying she will get the rest she needs tonight.

As I pause and think of the happiness the few minutes on the phone brought me, I think of the voice of another Friend that stirs my heart and blesses me.  A Friend who tells me I am dearly loved and chosen.  A Friend who invites me to rest in Him.  A Friend who never leaves me or forsakes me.  A Friend who speaks and even the wind and waves obey Him.

Thanking the Lord for voices that deliver good news of great joy with messages of healing and hope.

Standing the gap for "Hope", Diane,
"Faith", Joy

A Written Word

"Behold, I have written these writings to you with my hand." Galatians 6:11

A message written by hand.  A treasured word from one delivered to another.  No third party involved.  Heart to heart.

Imagine my joy when I opened my email a couple of hours ago to find that Diane had written a short note to me. Her words were few.  Only seven.  The perfect number really.  They spoke volumes to me.  It was so wonderful to hear from her.  Beyond words really.  Between the lines I read her understanding of my concern.  Distance is always difficult at times like these, but she bridged that separation and encouraged me.  I can't fathom the time and effort it would have taken to type it out with such limited mobility, each letter agonizing.  A priceless gift received with much happiness.

Please continue to pray with me that the medication will manage her pain.  Pray that she will get the rest she needs.  Pray that the recovery will be quicker than anticipated and complete.  Pray that there will be no complications.

There is another "writing" that blesses me every day.  Ancient words that also delivered a priceless gift.  A gift birthed in a stable.  "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us." John 1:14

May The Word live in your heart and soul today.
Thanks for joining with us in prayer.

Standing the gap for "Hope", Diane,
"Faith", Joy

Friday, December 9, 2011

Welcome Home

Well friends, I just received a call from Diane's dear friend Linda, and Diane is already resting at home.  Linda said she was quite the trooper this morning and she came through everything very well.  Thank you all for your prayers.

Linda said she just needs quiet and rest right now and so I pray that the medication will do it's job, keeping her free of pain and letting her sleep so her strength can return.

Thank you all for praying and messaging me with your thoughts and care.  I have forwarded messages to her throughout the day.  I know they all have been an encouragement to her heart.  Please keep your prayers and well wishes coming.

Standing in the gap for "Hope", Diane,
"Faith", Joy

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Trusting God

 "May the LORD keep watch between you and me when we are away from each other." Genesis 31:49

It has been awhile since "Hope" and "Faith" have connected with our friends here on our blog.  We are thankful that the Lord has kept watch between us all and we pray that as you enter this precious season of the year your heart is seeking Him, like the wise men did many years ago.

Our hearts continue to seek Him.  We are seeking to know Him, experience Him and trust Him in new ways as He gives us opportunity.  One such opportunity will come tomorrow as Diane, "Hope", once again faces surgery.  

The osteotomy on her left wrist, that we had wanted to be detained until the new year so that a possible trip might happen before Christmas, has been scheduled for tomorrow.  This is a surgical procedure in which a bone is cut to shorten or change it's alignment.  Diane had this done years ago on her right wrist and is very aware of what is to come.  Her ulna bone will be shortened, then held together by a plate and screws which will give the joints space.  It is a very painful process and the healing will take much time.  Although it will most likely be day surgery, the full recovery time will be three months.

This past Sunday I was reading how God provided Elisha as a personal attendant for Elijah, and the Lord is doing the same thing for Diane.  Although I selfishly wish He had chosen me for the role, He instead is using the gifts of several others to minister to Diane and help care for her needs tomorrow and in the weeks that follow.  With a right wrist already fused, having the other wrist immobile will be difficult.  Although I have seen the way she so adeptly adjusts to her circumstances, living alone will make routine tasks a challenge.  The Lord has been faithful in providing gracious neighbors, family and friends who have already made plans for meals and walking the dog. I was beyond thrilled to hear last night, that with the exception of two days, loved ones are already scheduled to stop by and care for her immediate needs every day. God is so good.  I am so grateful for the kindness that is being extended to my most precious friend.  Many "personal attendants", or Elisha's, have already offered their service.  Thank you to each one of you and God bless you.

I would ask that you would join me in praying that God will use this surgery to bring about complete healing and that full use and strength will be restored to Diane's hand. I pray that the Lord, who's hand isn't shortened, (Isaiah 59:1) will touch Diane and return her quickly to complete health.  I pray that He will strengthen feeble hands, (Isaiah 35:3) and that His presence will fill her home with His comfort, peace and rest.

It is very hard for us not to be together during these days, and if wishing made it so we would have had that hug months ago.  I'm still fighting a compromised immune system or I'd be booking that plane ticket.  The Lord knows, and as the verse above promises, He is watching between us while we are away from one another, supplying our "Hope" and "Faith".

I will be back to update you as I hear from Diane.  Thank you for loving my very dear friend.
Standing in the gap for "Hope", Diane,
"Faith", Joy

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lean On Me

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."  Matthew 11:28-30

An invitation for the weary to rest.  An exchange of yokes.  A yoke that is effortless and offers relief.

I'm sitting here tonight longing to remove a yoke.  A yoke of pain and discomfort.  One that has become tiresome due to it's unrelenting weight and presence.  When something endures endlessly it wears us down.

My precious friend Diane has been a good soldier through her surgery and recovery.  She has tolerated ache and annoyance and has put up with the hardship and challenges induced by the limitations presented by the operation.  Tonight finds her hurting and not feeling well.  Although she tries to remain positive, I believe too that her heart is discouraged.

My dear friend has given continually over the past six months.  She has poured all her energy and strength into encouraging me and refusing to let me settle for anything short of victory.  When I would come to her in great need, she never refused me or turned me away.  She offered hope, love, prayer and faith.

Always quick with wit, she can turn tears into laughter, disappointment into joy and fear into confidence.  She has a gift of being able to minister cheer to a broken heart, bringing reassurance that everything is going to be alright.  When doubt wants to steal the expectancy that all will turn out well, Diane refuses to believe anything less than the promises found in God's Word.  She has let me lean on her, and I have leaned hard.

"Friends are the pillars on your porch.  Sometimes they hold you up, sometimes they lean on you, and sometimes it's just enough to know that they are standing by."

Today she needs us to stand by.  She needs an infusion of comfort and love.  My arms are too short to cross the miles and embrace my bestest friend.  Her "boo boo" is sore and swollen.  The pain is merciless and incessant.  I long to visit her, but the anticipated trip has been cancelled due to my lab results that indicate an immune system too at risk for travel.  Separated by distance, two little girls sit tonight and wish their Father would make a way for hands to reach.

Friends, will you pray for Diane.  Although this first surgery has been completed, like me, she sits in the middle of her miracle.  She visits her Doctor again in two days and further upcoming treatment will be discussed.  Will you pray that her Doctor will have wisdom for the operation that is yet to come and that the timing of her hospital stay will be the best for her recovery and healing.

Tonight we are leaning...leaning on the arms of One who carries us.
Love ya my friend, and holding your paw.
Standing in the gap for "Hope", Diane,
"Faith", Joy

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Living in God's Vast Resources

"Perhaps God brings us to the end of our resources so we can discover the vastness of His." ~ Neil Anderson

Diane and I are discovering afresh the vastness of God's rich resources as we each are leaning on Him.

Thank you again to all of you who are continuing to pray for both of us.  As I shared on Friday, Diane's surgery went well, and she is recovering at home.  I was blessed beyond measure this morning when I received an email from her at 7:30am, saying she was up, heading for the shower and about to enjoy a delicious breakfast that had been so kindly delivered to her door.  Diane is not normally an early riser, so I was encouraged that she was awake and doing so well.  The ironic thing was, I was still in bed, snuggled under covers at the time.  It is usually the opposite scenario. Smile.

To give you a further update concerning Diane's surgery, when the doctor performed the operation he noticed that extensive reconstructive work still needs to be done.  She will need an osteotomy which is a surgical procedure whereby a bone is cut to shorten or change it's alignment.  Diane has already had this performed on her right wrist and is very aware of what is to come.  It is a painful process and the healing will take much time.  She will lean in on the Lord again.  There is more from His vast resources that He has planned for her to discover. I am reminded of Isaiah 59:1 that encourages, God's arm is not shortened that He cannot save.  We are praying for the Hand of God to touch Diane and bring complete healing.

My precious friend "Hope" returns to see her doctor on October 25th and further discussion will take place then as to the timing of this proposed operation.  She is desiring that it wait until after Christmas if possible, but we will have a better understanding of this in a couple of weeks.  We will share the details as we find out more and as it gets closer to Diane's hospitalization.

For now, we are trying to stay focused on the present healing....for both of us.  I return to see my family doctor on Thursday, and if my immune system has improved, there is a possibility I will have opportunity to travel to Virginia and spend a couple of weeks with Diane.  Please join us in praying that the Lord's will in this travel decision will be clear to us.  There are other medical concerns in my immediate family at the present and so we are looking to the Lord for direction and confirmation regarding this trip.  How we both long to see one another.  There's just nothing like a best friend hug.

God is showing Himself as Sustainer, Comforter, Provider and Healer.  Thank you again for your prayers. Please continue to pray for Diane as she still experiences discomfort and tries to handle the daily routine tasks which are difficult to carry out at the present moment. Pray that the Lord will renew her energy and be her strength.  If we can pray for you, please leave your prayer requests and we will lift your name up before God's throne of grace.  We believe in the power of "two or three" gathered in His Name.

Standing in the gap for "Hope", Diane,
"Faith", Joy

Friday, October 14, 2011

My Phone Rang!!!

I couldn't wait for my American Cell to ring!!!

Diane is out of surgery and doing well.  I spoke with her friend Debbie, and all is moving ahead according to plan.  Apparently she was out of surgery by 9am, but Debbie was whisked off so quickly to recovery to see her she had no time to call and phone reception was non-existent.

As it would appear, somehow before or during surgery, Diane's eye was scraped.  It is feeling irritated and is visibly swollen.  A Doctor is coming to check on it before she can be discharged from the hospital.

Debbie is still guessing that they will be home by noon, and now we continue to pray for Diane's healing.

As Diane recovers, I am praying Hebrews 12:12 and Isaiah 35:3, that the Lord would "strengthen feeble hands".

Please continue to lift my precious friend up to the Lord, and rejoice with me over all that God has done.

Standing in the gap for "Hope", Diane,
"Faith", Joy