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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Living in God's Vast Resources

"Perhaps God brings us to the end of our resources so we can discover the vastness of His." ~ Neil Anderson

Diane and I are discovering afresh the vastness of God's rich resources as we each are leaning on Him.

Thank you again to all of you who are continuing to pray for both of us.  As I shared on Friday, Diane's surgery went well, and she is recovering at home.  I was blessed beyond measure this morning when I received an email from her at 7:30am, saying she was up, heading for the shower and about to enjoy a delicious breakfast that had been so kindly delivered to her door.  Diane is not normally an early riser, so I was encouraged that she was awake and doing so well.  The ironic thing was, I was still in bed, snuggled under covers at the time.  It is usually the opposite scenario. Smile.

To give you a further update concerning Diane's surgery, when the doctor performed the operation he noticed that extensive reconstructive work still needs to be done.  She will need an osteotomy which is a surgical procedure whereby a bone is cut to shorten or change it's alignment.  Diane has already had this performed on her right wrist and is very aware of what is to come.  It is a painful process and the healing will take much time.  She will lean in on the Lord again.  There is more from His vast resources that He has planned for her to discover. I am reminded of Isaiah 59:1 that encourages, God's arm is not shortened that He cannot save.  We are praying for the Hand of God to touch Diane and bring complete healing.

My precious friend "Hope" returns to see her doctor on October 25th and further discussion will take place then as to the timing of this proposed operation.  She is desiring that it wait until after Christmas if possible, but we will have a better understanding of this in a couple of weeks.  We will share the details as we find out more and as it gets closer to Diane's hospitalization.

For now, we are trying to stay focused on the present healing....for both of us.  I return to see my family doctor on Thursday, and if my immune system has improved, there is a possibility I will have opportunity to travel to Virginia and spend a couple of weeks with Diane.  Please join us in praying that the Lord's will in this travel decision will be clear to us.  There are other medical concerns in my immediate family at the present and so we are looking to the Lord for direction and confirmation regarding this trip.  How we both long to see one another.  There's just nothing like a best friend hug.

God is showing Himself as Sustainer, Comforter, Provider and Healer.  Thank you again for your prayers. Please continue to pray for Diane as she still experiences discomfort and tries to handle the daily routine tasks which are difficult to carry out at the present moment. Pray that the Lord will renew her energy and be her strength.  If we can pray for you, please leave your prayer requests and we will lift your name up before God's throne of grace.  We believe in the power of "two or three" gathered in His Name.

Standing in the gap for "Hope", Diane,
"Faith", Joy

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