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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Trusting God

 "May the LORD keep watch between you and me when we are away from each other." Genesis 31:49

It has been awhile since "Hope" and "Faith" have connected with our friends here on our blog.  We are thankful that the Lord has kept watch between us all and we pray that as you enter this precious season of the year your heart is seeking Him, like the wise men did many years ago.

Our hearts continue to seek Him.  We are seeking to know Him, experience Him and trust Him in new ways as He gives us opportunity.  One such opportunity will come tomorrow as Diane, "Hope", once again faces surgery.  

The osteotomy on her left wrist, that we had wanted to be detained until the new year so that a possible trip might happen before Christmas, has been scheduled for tomorrow.  This is a surgical procedure in which a bone is cut to shorten or change it's alignment.  Diane had this done years ago on her right wrist and is very aware of what is to come.  Her ulna bone will be shortened, then held together by a plate and screws which will give the joints space.  It is a very painful process and the healing will take much time.  Although it will most likely be day surgery, the full recovery time will be three months.

This past Sunday I was reading how God provided Elisha as a personal attendant for Elijah, and the Lord is doing the same thing for Diane.  Although I selfishly wish He had chosen me for the role, He instead is using the gifts of several others to minister to Diane and help care for her needs tomorrow and in the weeks that follow.  With a right wrist already fused, having the other wrist immobile will be difficult.  Although I have seen the way she so adeptly adjusts to her circumstances, living alone will make routine tasks a challenge.  The Lord has been faithful in providing gracious neighbors, family and friends who have already made plans for meals and walking the dog. I was beyond thrilled to hear last night, that with the exception of two days, loved ones are already scheduled to stop by and care for her immediate needs every day. God is so good.  I am so grateful for the kindness that is being extended to my most precious friend.  Many "personal attendants", or Elisha's, have already offered their service.  Thank you to each one of you and God bless you.

I would ask that you would join me in praying that God will use this surgery to bring about complete healing and that full use and strength will be restored to Diane's hand. I pray that the Lord, who's hand isn't shortened, (Isaiah 59:1) will touch Diane and return her quickly to complete health.  I pray that He will strengthen feeble hands, (Isaiah 35:3) and that His presence will fill her home with His comfort, peace and rest.

It is very hard for us not to be together during these days, and if wishing made it so we would have had that hug months ago.  I'm still fighting a compromised immune system or I'd be booking that plane ticket.  The Lord knows, and as the verse above promises, He is watching between us while we are away from one another, supplying our "Hope" and "Faith".

I will be back to update you as I hear from Diane.  Thank you for loving my very dear friend.
Standing in the gap for "Hope", Diane,
"Faith", Joy

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