Kindred Spirits

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Joy Is Awake (smile)

Our Joy has been moved upstairs to her room. Her husband said she was still pretty out of it and he wasn't able to spend much time with her. At this point Joy has not been told the results of her surgery and I feel it only right to wait until she does before they are disclosed.

Let's praise God for His prevision during her surgery and comfort for her family. Please continue praying in the coming days as recovery challenges present themselves.I will to update you as things come in. Thank you for all your prayers.

Standing in the gap with Faith,

Diane "Hope"


Wendy Pope said...

thanks hope for the update. i will certainly be praying for our joy.

patricia e said...

sending love from Burlington, ON I prayed while sitting with my dad at Sunnybrook ~ couldn't stop thinking about you, Joy, the whole time I was there ~ Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!!

Lori Prince said...

Thank you Diane for keeping us in the loop!

lisasmith said...

praying still... praying with hope and faith and joy and love xoxo