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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Joy" Comes In The Morning

If you were up around 7:00 you know our "Joy" did indeed come to us this morning. In case you missed it here is what she posted.

"Hey all, yes it's me. I can't seem to be able to send emails, but the blog connected. Can't write much as the Surgeon is coming to see me BUT just had to thank you for all your love and prayers. God is answering. I cannot believe the peace He has provided. Please continue in prayers and know I cherish you all so much.
Diane...tons and tons of extra love and prayers for you. Wish I could get email to work. HUGS"

For me it is not unusual to see her on line that early, however I must say I was in shock this morning. I am thankful for WI-FI and IPODS. Can I get an amen?
The diagnoses was not what we expected or prayed for,it is however what it is. This is the journey the Lord has right now. It can change at any time and with that there is much hope. Yes, no doubt this journey might take some time, however Joy will not be alone. I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love shown just in the past 24 hours. My dear "Faith" love has no boarders and you have internationally captured the heart of many. 
*provision through surgery
*pain management
*medical staff w/ compassion, twins,
* technology
*that you are able to sit and talk now
*hospital liquid diet that you are able to keep down (sorry but I had to)
what else can you add to this list for Joy today?
Thankful and praising Him,
Diane "Hope"


Shine! said...

Hi Diane, and dear friends of Joy! We have awoken this morning to a new place. Sharon and I just got in the door from being there at 11:00 this morning. God is good! Though Joy was up from about 6:00 - 10:00, reading magazines, "chatting" on blogs, about 10:00, her energy level dipped, and now, peace and quiet have entered her room as her dearest hubby and son minister to their precious wife and mother. Though Sharon and I were there, we only peeked in from time to time, and watched holy moments of a family together drawing on His strength. As I continue to share with Joy what God is breathtakingly saying to me for her .... she rests in His arms, and is so assurred of His presence. Our mom is there now, as I came home to stay with "Daddy Dale" - right Diane??!! :) Today, I list a cool fan and extra pillow as delights for Joy!! May my dearest sis find places of sweet peace and stillness today, bathed in His mercy and grace.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Praying for strengthened understanding to be your portion today, Joy, and for a holy resolve to stay determined, focused, and filled with the power of the Holy Spirit for the fight ahead. I count it my "joy" to stand alongside you for whatever you need.


Jill Beran said...

Praying for you Joy!! May God strengthen you for all that lies ahead, assure you with His presence and fill you with His joy!!! My little "Joy" sends her prayers as well.

Lori Prince said...

“I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit” (Eph. 3:16).

Praying for you sweet, Joy. Hugs!

Joyful said...

Hi all. Yes, it's really almost 2:30 am, but just had my vitals taken and IV bag changed. My sister was right. The day started wonderfully, but by 10:00 it took a terrible turn. Too tired to go into detail, but my sweet nurse around 9pm thought she knew the problem and yet another pill was administered (I've had more meds in two days then I've had in a lifetime), anyway, the pill worked. Also, precious Diane responded to my desperate cry for help and she was able to explain some side effects to me that then let me rest. After 24 hours of no sleep, I've now had 3 sweet hours and I'm going back to sleep now. Love you and please continue to pray. Each day brings new challenges and I'm so weak from 4 days of liquids.

Hee hee, a nurse just checked on me with a flashlight wanting to know if everything was ok. LOL. Yep, just talking to my peeps. :)

Love you all. Hugs,
Sleepy me :)

Shine! said...

Joy,.... praying that even as I write this God has cradled you in His arms of rest and you know sleep. Struggling for each breath here, as I lift you to Him, and praying that God will keep the enemy away from further attacks on your physical body as well as your mind and spirit. PRAISING HIM for the right gals at the right time - Your night nurse, and your BFF!!!! Praying those three sweet hours of sleep have multiplied by now, and that today will be a quiet day for you, Gord and Chris. Sending a Hug and Prayer big enough to wrap around your room!!!!! Please God, be with "my other half"!!

patricia e said...

Joy, I hope you have had some good zzzzz's. It's always hard to sleep when the sounds of the hospital are all around you. Earplugs work wonders, maybe that could be added to the list of things for "Shine" to bring to you. Hope you have the pain in check and will have a quiet restful sleep. God is certainly watching over you and taking care of your every need. Who do you think placed that "twin nurse" in your care? What a wonderful God he is! Praying for you today.

~Grace and Peace said...

Continued prayers for you.
As someone who has been sleeping in the hospital for over a month now, I agree with the earplugs idea. Also those blinders for your eyes if the light bothers you. But what worked for me during those first few nights when I can still hear the nurses chatter (and my own thoughts) making sleep elusive was to listen to praise music (Klove online) on my phone.
Praying for rest for you, of body, mind and spirit.
You are loved.

Carol said...

Dear Joy,
I'm praying that today is a better day and that the sleep you did get will provide the energy that you need to get through today! I get to see you today! YAY!!! Carolyn and I will be there after work tonight! Love you and praying!