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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Standing in the Need of Prayer

Dear friends, I come to you tonight with such a heavy heart.  I am broken beyond belief and quite honestly have no words.  I don't understand.  Lord...have we not gone through enough?  I know Your Word tells us that You will not give us more than we can handle...but it seems like this is just too much.

This is Joy, aka "Faith" writing to you tonight...not for myself, but for my dearest and most precious friend Diane, aka "Hope".  In the very early hours of today I received a text from my bestest friend saying that her mom was in a critical state in intensive care.  She had undergone open heart surgery, and medically things looked very severe. 

As I have kept in touch with Diane continually throughout the day, around 3:00pm all the family were called to the hospital.  Many family members, who Diane has not seen in years, were present by the bedside.  Words of healing and of love have been spoken and for this we give the Lord praise.

I spoke with Diane moments ago and her mom is still hanging on.  She is aware of every one's presence, and although speaking is difficult, she is finding ways to communicate some of her needs.  She was able to mouth the words, "I love you" and respond to some questions by blinking her eyes in response.

Friends, you have been so faithful in praying for me.  It is my longing that you would surround my precious friend right now with your prayers.  I can't describe the ache in my heart.  Longing to hop on a plane and be there to comfort and support Diane, yet unable to do so.  I can't stop the tears. 

As you can assume, the trip planned for her happy, anticipated arrival tomorrow has been cancelled.  We have no idea when this will be rescheduled or how the Lord will lead in a visit any time soon.  As both of us sobbed together on the phone minutes ago, we prayed for God's presence to surround us both.  We don't understand, yet we trust.  We trust in a God who is calling us to trust completely and only in Him.  We both feel like asking, "Lord, has there not been enough?", yet beyond the questions and confusion, there is God.  We will continue to trust His heart when we don't see His hand.

Two little girls crawl up on their Father's lap tonight.  His arms are big enough to stretch across the miles and hold us both in His comforting embrace.  A great evangelist in Ireland shared a message years ago that brings this promise.  When great trials of affliction come, life can still be an uninterrupted psalm of victory because no matter what life brings, for this we have Jesus.

Please storm heaven on behalf of Diane...please.  Pray for her mom and for all her family.  The only thing I can do from this end is pray, and ask for your prayers to uphold them all.  I realize prayer is the greatest thing....but oh how I long to give her a hug.  Diane is assured of her mom's salvation and for this we give thanks.  Please pray the Lord will bring a strength, comfort and peace that only He can give. 

"No ocean can hold it back.
No river can overtake it.
Nor whirlwind can go faster.
No army can defeat it.
No law can stop it.
No distance can slow it.
No disease can cripple it.
No force on earth is more powerful or effective than

In the ever-changing circumstances of life, there is a faithful never-changing God in control.
Lord, hold Diane in the palm of Your hand and in the center of Your heart.
Love ya my friend...sending tons of hugs.
Not ceasing in prayer.  Join hands with me friends and let's form a circle of love around Diane.
By your side in spirit,


~Grace and Peace said...

Oh, sweet Joy. My heart aches for you and Diane. Praying for her and her family the peace that passes understanding. God's promises are true. We may never understand His ways but we put our trust in Him who loves us the most.

patricia e said...

Praying tonight as I hit my head to the pillow that God's light will shine ever so brightly upon Diane and her family. He is our strength and refuge who wants nothing more than to fill this precious family with love and peace and comfort at this time. Diane and Joy you are both a pillar to each other. You are both two strong trees and we are all the branches admiring the two of you and the love that you both share with one another. Blessings to you both. God has a plan...

Waiting patiently for Him,

Lori Prince said...

Praying to Jesus, who understands what we can not begin to fathom on earth. Hugs, Lori