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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Settling In At Home

Our sweet friend has been home almost 48 hours and settled in nicely. Although traveling home in her "PJ's" felt somewhat awkward and amazing at the same time, the trip was uneventful. When they turned into the driveway a melody of balloons and signs were waiting their arrival. Her men had no problem getting her up the stairs and settled into their comfy home, where she enjoyed her long awaited lunch of Brunswick Stew.
Later that evening we were able to Skype for a few minutes. It was so good to connect with her on a visual level, she looks great! As I tried not to make her laugh, she did smile and that was uplifting.Her guys were getting supper ready in the background.

Yesterday she had climbed the stairs, (lots of them) had a shower and kept her pain under control. Every now and then it grabs her to let her know she has to still lay low, but that's a good thing.She asked to please tell all of you how much she appreciated the cards, packages, flowers and prayers you have sent. Please be patient with her in getting out a responses until her strength returns. I asked her for specific prayer requests.
Prayer requests;
*continued strength
*removal of staples on Friday at 2:00
*patience (I added this one for her)
*continued pain control
*her family as they continue on this journey with her

With regard to further treatment, Joy is to return to the cancer center on June 1st. At that point they will discuss the options. She will  need to undergo chemotherapy and mostly likely this will be the next step.Please continue to send you prayers and well wishes to our Joy. I did hear this morning the "hot flashes" have begun. (another prayer request)

Lifting my friend and sister Joy "Faith",
Diane "Hope"


Catherine said...

Hannah and I are continuing to pray for you Auntie Joy. Hannah prays for your 'sore tummy' and that you'll soon be feeling better. Praying for your staple removal on Friday. Ahhh...drugs are your friend! :o) Love you sweet friend. Here if you need me but not calling so as not to disturb you. Love you!! xo

Joyful said...

LOL...Diane, I laughed right out loud when I read "patience" under my list of prayer requests. I thought, "I didn't say that". Hahaha...thanks for the qualifier. So, you think I'm lacking in that department?

All in all today is a good day. Actually every day is pretty good when someone is waiting on you hand and foot. Chris brought me breakfast in bed this morning and then by the time I showered, brushed my teeth was almost 11am and I was exhausted! That's hard to get used to for this normally active, early riser.

My parents dropped by for a visit about an hour ago. It was the first time I had seen my dad since the surgery. The drive to the hospital would have been too much for him. He was so cute. Giddy with excitement to see his little girl. Mom was thrilled to be here as well and made sure everything really was ok.

The agenda for the remainder of today is rest, rest, rest. It's difficult and frustrating to look around the house at times and see things I would love to accomplish, but my guys are being wonderful and doing all they can, and I need to learn to let go of perfection.

The Lord is continuing to provide in every way and I'm enjoying the peace of His presence. I'm so thankful He always completes the plans He begins. I can trust in Him.

Sending hugs and love to you all,
PS. When and if Diane ever posts a picture of me leaving the hair isn't done...and I'm not even wearing any lipstick! :)

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Sending you prayers and love from afar. Blessings to you.