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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Divine Embrace

Friends, it has been a long night.  Diane and I have spoken almost hourly and we are encouraging each other in the Lord, holding on to His promises and drawing strength from one another.  We are so thankful for cell phones, iPods and text messages.

As I lay awake through many passing hours, I was in a constant state of prayer.  The only sound that echoed through the silence was the rain beating down on the fireplace vent.  How fitting...rain.   Just yesterday I read that God is the Redeemer of the Rain.  I loved that expression.  The Redeemer of the Rain.  The first drop becomes a mist.  The mist becomes a drizzle.  The drizzle a shower until finally the heavens open to a downpour.  We are left drenched and soaking.  Cold and wet.  Shivering,  Wondering if we'll ever feel that cozy dry warmth again. 

Rain is vital to life.  We draw strength from storms.  God is making us stronger as we rely on Him.  If we allow Him to, He will bring beauty out of ashes, healing out of pain and new life from losses.

Today it appears that Diane's mom might be putting on some new dancing shoes for a divine embrace.  Diane sent me this message just minutes ago:

"Mama is going to dance with Jesus today.  She is not there yet and still struggling.  Please keep praying.  Her family is deeply hurting and will miss her very much.  Thank you for all your prayers."

Friends, lets surround Diane and her family with prayer.  The orchestra is assembling.  A most glorious composition is about to be heard for the very first time.  The instruments are tuning.  The stage is set.  The dance could possibly soon begin.  Eyes are about to lock for the very first time as Diane's sweet mama falls into the arms of her Savior for the most beautiful dance the angels have ever seen.

Listening for the music while hugging my friend so close,

PS.  Just received another text from Diane.  Her mom has rallied.  Although her health is still a major concern, some test results are looking a little brighter.  Let's just continue to pray for God's will and peace and strength for all the family.


patricia e said...

Joy - how beautiful, as I sit here reading these words I'm in tears. Tears of how beautiful a pic you have drawn.

Diane, your mother is going to have the most peaceful and wonderful welcome into the Lord's hands. Praying for that peace and comfort to surround you all at this time.

We live before God in this life by faith alone. By faith we take part in God’s grace, holiness, and joy; but someday, by sight, we’ll take hold of eternal happiness and glory....Praise God.

Waiting patiently for Him,

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Praying God's blessing on all of you! Joy, Diane and mama.....He is the 4th man in your fire right now!!

Cindy said...

Continuing to pray for peace in the midst of the storms!!!

Lori Prince said...

May special memories be made as you join hands circling your mama. What better place could we send her? Aaah, to be free of the earth’s trials and pain and to be surrounded by beauty and love. May God’s will be done. Hugs, Lori

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Ever prayerful...


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Mother being so sick! May God bless you through whatever lies ahead. Mississippi