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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Great News!

"She Is Sleeping!!!" was the text sent by her son this morning. Those are some of the most beautiful words for Joy. Sleep has been illusive these past months. While yesterday morning started out amazing, the day and evening took a more painful twist. So my sweet Joy we rejoice as you sleep.
The doctor's removed her surgical dressing and IV pain pump this morning. Joy was a bit upset she will not be able to wear that new bikini we both had our eyes on, but hey I will give mine up too for the cause. (smile). It appears she may be checking out of The Hotel Sunnybrook maybe as early as this weekend. How wonderful it would be for her to spend Mother's day in the comfort of her own home!
During the night a major praise came when the Lord sent an angel to be beside Joy and comfort her, physically and emotionally. There is no doubt our prayers are being heard, so please continue to lift Joy and her family up whenever they are brought to mind. Gord and Chris are making the trip daily to Toronto and physically that has to be wearing on them. I am rejoicing with all of you in the blessing and praises we have seen and heard thus far. Thank you for loving our sweet Joy. Much love to you my dear friend.

Standing in the Gap with all of you for "Faith",
Diane "Hope"


Shine! said...

Just spoke to Chris again myself ... She is doing fairly well, but just really tired, and doesn't feel like eating ... (just imagining the food would likely make me feel like I don't want to eat!!) Anyways, apparently they are just waiting for them to come in and get her to walk again ... So with the weakness it is hard on her. PLEASE keep praying gals!!!! But definitely today has been more of a praise than all through the night!!! And praying all you praying gals get your sleep too!!!!! Gotta keep the front lines fortified!!! Love, Japhia

Lori Prince said...

Oh, if sweet Joy could be home by Mother’s Day, that would be divine!

Diane, I’m lol, at the two of you in your bikini’s! So, how far is Toronto from where her home is?

Now, if I just had her appetite! Smile - OR, better yet, if I could just send her mine!

Japhia, loved what you said: Gotta keep the front lines fortified!!! I just have to tell you, back in the day, when Joy was posting lots on her 2 blogs, at different times she’d post family pic.’s, and I could NEVER tell you two apart! You two are adorable ~ to have a twin would be so fun. Thank you for keeping us ‘in the know’!

Not losing my spot on the front row! Prayers being lifted for my dear Joy! Hugs, Lori

Hope and Faith said...

Oh Lori, my friend you know I would give up wearing a bikini for you too. (smile) The hospital is about an hour each way from the house.
Love you guys,

patricia e said...

What a blessing that Joy got some real snoozing time today. Praying for continued rest and God's peace tonight.

The God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.”
~ 1 Peter 5:10

Sweet dreams