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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Update on Chemo #4

Good Afternoon Friends,

I have gotten several emails this morning from our princess. (smile) Despite being chilled and not wanting to go through with this she is doing well. Prayers are reaching our Most High and I plead with you not to stop!

They brought her some soup but I wish I could get her some Brunswick Stew, I just know that would do wonders. (She love that stuff, Canadians don't know how to make it) Japhia is making Chemo caps hand over fist as her way of ministering to others there at the cancer center. Joy has one for every color in the rainbow, go Japh. What a wonderful way Japh has turned something awful into something beautiful! Hugs Japh!

Just a few more hours and Joy will be down to 2 more treatments! Praise Jesus!
Keep storming the gates of heaven friends.

Thanks Leah, Elaine and Renee and to all those who haven't written in but are praying. Joy is able to get some email at the center. Light up her mailbox!

Standing in the gap with "Faith," Joy,
Diane "Hope"

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