Kindred Spirits

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Faith Rocks On

Simple pleasures.  Sitting in a rocking chair.  The gentle motion. Soothing.  Calming emotions. Back and forth.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.
The world seems gentler.  No jarring.  Restlessness finds relief.  Breathing settles.  Heartbeat returns to a peaceful pulse.  A deep sigh escapes, not from distress, but a sense that for just this moment, time stands still and all is at rest.
There is something so precious about being enfolded in the arms of a rocking chair.  Protected.  Secure.  Safe.  A beverage by your side…sipping hot on a cooler day, or racing a determined sun that threatens to melt iced liquid on a warmer afternoon.
Senses seem more acute. The chirp of the cricket.  The distant bark of a dog.  Laughter.  A wisp of hair tickles the forehead.  An ant runs over a barefoot toe.  I smile.  Closing eyes.  Inhaling slowly.  Savouring summer’s scent, while tasting autumn’s approach.
I remember rocking my newborn son.  The unmatched joy of motherhood. Seated in dressing gown.  The early hours of the morning.  A fresh-from-heaven precious bundle cradled in my arms.  Humming.  Quietly humming.  Wanting these sacred seconds to be captured for all eternity.  Serenity held while baby sleeps.
Is the motion so familiar because of nine months in the womb?  Is that why we gravitate toward rockers and swings?  Do they awake memories of comfort?  A rocking chair was home to our first nurturing.  Held in mother’s arms we were cradled in care.  How often our hearts return to that longing.  To be held.  The gift and tenderness of touch. 
There is something that mesmerizes and holds a heart captive in the gentle sway.  Pain released.  Peace received.  The steady rhythm.  The uninterrupted flow.  Movement to and fro.  Past behind.  Promises ahead.
There is One who offers eternal comfort.  A Father whose arms enfold us and safely rocks us in His embrace.  I catch my breath and breathe again.  Breathe in life.  Breathe in hope.  Worries are forgotten.
A refuge from the storm as Faith rocks on.

(OK...have to share the inspiration for this post.  As many of you know I just celebrated a birthday.  The beautiful "Faith" rocking chair was my gift from "Hope", Diane.  She took a couple of older rockers and refinished them.  She stripped the wood, sanded them down and repainted them.  They are still at her home right now, but I saw them via Skype, and I can't wait to visit and sit on her porch, side-by-side, and allow the healing of God's peace and presence to continue.  I have been overwhelmed again by her love for me...a love that would spend countless hours, and endure such effort on my behalf.  The chair is a gift of heart. Thank you again my precious friend for ministering to me in ways that leave me speechless.  May God return the blessings abundantly.  Hugging you.)

Thought you all might enjoy a few more pictures.  Some before and after.  Don't y'all wish she was your best friend?  :-)


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

What a lovely, thoughtful gift. I know it blessed your heart, Joy.

Thanks for the update.


Leah @ Point Ministries said...

What a marvelous idea! Diane, that was brilliant and so very much something that Joy can look forward to in these days. Joy, you will definitely have to post pics of you and Diane sitting in these lovely rockers!!

LeAnn said...

Those are beautiful! I love that idea! What a thoughtful gift from the heart of your treasured friend. Praying that the two of you will get to rock together real soon!