Kindred Spirits

Monday, June 20, 2011

Living to Living

Friends today I come to you with a divided heart...not in loyalty, but in location, and unfortunately I can't be two places at the same time.

Please join with me today in praying for "Hope", Diane, and her family.  Beginning at 10am this morning her life will journey through a path of visitation, funeral, and memorial service.  A sweet mama is in the arms of Jesus, but her husband and children are missing the woman who held their family together. 

Diane needs prayer for strength today, physically and emotionally. I have been in touch with her a couple of times already and the Lord is carrying her, but her heart is so broken. Please pray that the Lord will more than provide for her every need.

Funerals always impact my life. I attended one for the father of a new friend of mine a while ago. In our understanding he died too soon. He was only in his early 60's. Although I never had the opportunity to meet this man, his funeral impacted my life. The tributes and memories shared by family and friends were beautiful. We viewed a slide presentation set to music, tracing the journey of his life. The one thing that really spoke to my heart was that this man had truly lived.

He was an adventurer. Fear didn't hold him captive. He lived out loud. He wasn't afraid to follow the dreams God had placed in his heart, and yet he didn't take foolish risks. He enjoyed life to the full. In many ways he has gone from living to living.

Gail Conklin has done the same.  She has gone from living to living.  I never met Diane's mom, but I cherish her, if for no other reason, than giving me the precious gift of her daughter who has become my dearest friend.

Diane resembles her mom in her early years.  There was no denying the likeness when Diane showed me her parent's engagement picture. The clear complexion. Soft skin. And goodness, we can't forget the dimples.  Both she and her mother have those distinct beauty markings when they smile.

Diane's mom will live on in Diane.  There will be traces of her in the way she holds her hands, curls up to sleep, smiles at a precious sight, and ministers to others. 

I wish more than anything that my health had made it possible for me to be with Diane today.  For reasons I struggle to understand, I find myself miles away, but my heart, my love and my prayers are all with her.  Please join me once again in forming a circle of love around my friend.  Let's stand with her, upholding her, so that wherever she turns she feels the arms of a friend.  So thankful that the Friend of all friends is holding her close to His side and carrying her though all that lies ahead today.  She rests in her Father's arms.

Love ya kiddo...holding your hand and not letting go,
Standing in the gap with "Hope",
Joy, "Faith"


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

oh my! The resemblence of Diane and her Mom in the early pic is so strong! Both are very beautiful women.

I do pray God will bless and comfort Diane today and in the days ahead.

God bless you too Joy! Mississippi

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

May God hold you tightly Diane and give you the peace that only He can give. Joy, I know that you are providing such wonderful comfort to Diane. You are both precious.

patricia e said...

Thinking of you and praying for peace and comfort knowing that your mom is home..Your mom will continue to speak to you in everything you do...In every corner you take, your mom will be there..