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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let The Bell Ringing Commence!!!

Praise Jesus it is bell ringing time!!!

Joy has called and her sixth and final treatment of chemo is complete. I will let her tell you about the day and all the provisions of our Father. She and her sister Japhia are on their way home from the hospital in very heavy traffic.
Although chemo is complete, Joy will still endure the effects of it for the next 7-10 days. As has been the pattern with each treatment, each one is worse than the last. I know she covets your prayers in the comings days and as she and Japhia travel home.

Please let us know how you "rang in celebration" for what Jesus has done for our sister. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to each one of you for "standing in the gap for "Faith."

Much love,
Diane "Hope"

Get Those Praise Bells Ready!!!

Chemo number 6 is about to get under way. So those praise bells will soon be a ringing. PRAISE JESUS!!!
After talking to the doctor this morning Joy will only be having the one medication that did not give her problems. Treatment won't be as long for her today. That means the bell ringing will be underway that much sooner. (I am doing the happy dance. You just can't see me.)

There are some other amazing promises fulfilled for our sister, but those are hers to share. Please stay close through out the coming days with prayer and praise as she gets through this last treatment. He has never left her or forsaken her. He will never leave or forsake you either. This journey is a living testimony of His mercy and love for but just one.

If you don't have some bells......what are you waiting for .....there is still time!!!!!!!!!!

Standing in the gap, waiting to ring my bell for "Faith".
Diane "Hope"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tomorrow Let the Bells Ring for Jesus !!!

"Tomorrow I will walk into a building that once held such fear.  I remember making a trip up to Sunnybrook Hospital back in April, before I even had surgery. I could not walk into the Cancer Center.  As I now sit and watch others walk in and tentatively look around, I recall the feelings that engulfed me.  I am praying that when I regain strength again, and my immune system recovers that I will be able to volunteer at our local cancer center.  I know the fear.  I know the longing to have someone come and guide you through, sharing what to expect, listening."

This is an excerpt taken from an update Joy sent out today. I remember taking that trip with her. That day was indeed hard, yet Jesus provided the foundation on which this "survivor" would soon emerge.  Here we are, September, and Joy is getting her final chemo tomorrow!!!  What a day of celebration it will be!!! It is tradition at the cancer center when a patient finishes their last chemo treatment they get to ring a bell. The bell ringing signifies the end of their long treatment journey. Tomorrow our own "Joy" a.k.a. "Joybells", will be ringing a bell. (smile) 

As with the end of chemo comes the return of "normal." Life will never again be what it was for Joy or her family. Her biggest desire through this battle has been to be Christ-like. Her countenance, motives, heart and life have been just that, a testimony of Christ. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt Joy will never be the same. Lives have been changed because of her walk through this valley. Although in the back of her mind there may always be a question of "am I really cured?", Joy knows that what Jesus has done is nothing short of a miracle in her life. As this chapter of treatment closes tomorrow, will you help her celebrate? Find a bell and tie it to your keys, or your shoes. Every time that bell rings, praise Jesus for all He has done for our Joy. Pray for those who are still in the battle. Let the bells ring for Jesus tomorrow!!!

Joy still needs our prayers throughout the day as the last treatment did not go well, nor did the days following. I will try to keep the blog and Facebook updated as she connects with me during the day. Feel free to comment here or on Facebook and let us know how you are ringing in the praise tomorrow.
Standing in the gap for Joy "Faith,"
Diane "Hope"

Monday, September 12, 2011

Walk of Hope

"Oh God, Oh God, I’m, I’m overwhelmed."

If you’ve ever watched the movie, “Facing the Giants”, the quote above should sound familiar. As I sat with tears running down my face Saturday night, those words echoed in my heart. Oh God, Oh God, I’m, I’m overwhelmed.

This past weekend has been one of countless blessings. I hardly know where to begin.

A couple of weeks ago I had received a complimentary ticket to attend the Beth Moore simulcast. As the day approached, I doubted my ability to be there. Just forty-eight hours prior to the event I was still deeply feeling the effects of my last chemo treatment, and surrendered to the very real possibility that I might not be able to go. Thankfully Friday I felt physically stronger and the hope of the conference returned.

Saturday morning I awoke excited and prepared for all the Lord had in store for me. The host church had made accommodations to help protect me from the crowd gathering and I truly felt the Lord’s blessing on the day. I even had a chair strategically placed and reserved for me. I felt very humbled by the kindness extended.

Entering the sanctuary, I immediately noticed that some renovations had taken place since my last visit. No one else may have appreciated the colour scheme, but the chairs were a shade of teal; the binds, and the curtains framing the platform were also teal. Teal is the colour that represents ovarian cancer. These details did not escape me.

As Travis Cottrell moved our hearts to worship, tears began to flow. It has been so long since I have been seated with 450 ladies praising the Lord together. Secluded in my house for a good portion of the past four months, the gift of corporate worship was being unwrapped and cherished. Joining my voice with precious sisters in Christ and praising the Lord together stirred my emotions. Oh Father, thank You for all You are doing. My life is my worship to You.

Beth’s teaching was straight from the heart of God. I love how she opens Scripture and encourages application of His Word. My notes are many…but they are so much more than letters scribbled on a page…they are life to me. I breathed Him in, and exhaled His peace. The Lord even used Beth’s wardrobe to say, “Joy, I love you”. Guess what colour Beth was wearing? Teal. It was a fabulous day of listening to the whispers of God and knowing that the Lord of the universe saw and cared for me.

Around 8:30pm that evening, while sitting visiting the sweet memories of the day, a knock came to my door. Not just any knock. It was the “family” knock. The secret code that convinces me to open the door, even if sporting my pyjamas. It was my sister and her son, and she said she had a surprise for me.

Seated on the couch, she handed me a notebook with a hand-made cover that read, “Ovarian Cancer Canada, Walk of Hope.” I opened it up to find a list of what looked like about 30 names. Confused, I looked to my sister for explanation.

Yesterday, September 11, was the 10th Annual “Walk of Hope” for ovarian cancer research. I had talked about it for over a month, but feared I would not have the strength or stamina to take part. I had just felt led that day, that if I awoke feeling able, I would participate in this opportunity.

As I began turning the pages in this book, tears began to flow. Unknown to me, my sister had sent out a dozen emails to a few friends asking if they would be willing to donate any amount in my name to help fight the battle against this number one women’s cancer killer. She longed for my heart to be encouraged with a pledge form and a few names. As He did with the loaves and fishes, God multiplied her request.

Reading the names, and the individual stories behind each submission, I came to names I didn’t recognize and assumed they were my sister’s friends. This is where the story gives me goose bumps. My sister didn’t know these folks either. Over the ten days or so as my sister collected funds, complete strangers sent her cards in the mail…or came to her door…dropping off significant amounts to be added to the collection. One such example was a lady who blocked her driveway one day as my sister was returning her son to school after lunch, and simply said she would recognize my sister as being related to me from my picture on my blog. She handed my sister a sizeable donation and drove away. Neither of us is certain of her identity. Another lady sent a card with a generous amount, explaining she did not know me, but had heard about this “surprise” and wanted to be involved. She also promised her prayers.

My heart can hardly hold the love that has been showered on me. The tears flowed unbridled as my sister presented me with a cheque to donate to Ovarian Cancer Canada in the amount of $2320.00. The Lord took my sister’s obedience to send out 12 emails, and He multiplied the response. People are still responding and the amounts are being forwarded to the organization.

As I came to the last page in the book, it was decorated with sunflowers and pre-cut note cards. Remember I told you that I had attended the Beth Moore simulcast that day? My sister had won a door prize. Included in the gift were note cards with sunflowers that said, “God’s love is expressed in every act of kindness.” God’s blessing and benediction on my sister’s efforts. Not only that, but she received the entire teaching series of Beth Moore’s “The Patriarch’s”. God, who sees in secret, rewards openly. So thankful for the way He blessed my sister for the blessing she is to me.

I did attend the walk with a special friend and her daughter. God provided in so many ways and we saw His Hand over and over again. Over 2.6 million dollars was raised in the fight against ovarian cancer.

This morning in my daily reading I came across this verse: “Please let us walk with you, for we have heard that God is with you.” Zechariah 8:23 Isn’t that beautiful? Can you imagine that request being asked of you? Nothing could delight my heart more or humble me deeper…someone has heard of my faith in the Lord and desires to walk with me. That is the true and eternal “Walk of Hope”. Is your walk inviting such a request today? Let’s live so that others will desire to spend time as our companions on this journey, not because of anything we have done, but because of Christ in us.

As I close tonight I ask that anyone who reads this would lift both Diane and I up in prayer...and if you have a request, please leave us a comment, we would be honoured to pray for you.

Standing in the Gap for our friends,
"Hope" Diane and "Faith" Joy

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Help Hope & Faith International spread the word about Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Copy and paste the information and send an email to all the women in your life. It might just save your life or the life of a loved one!
Hope and Faith

Ovarian  Cancer Walk
Please do  not interrupt her trip.

She is  walking for Ovarian Cancer.

Please  pass her on so that she can reach her  destination.

Ovarian  Cancer Whispers  - so  listen  carefully . . 

Watch  for Pelvic or abdominal pain or  discomfort;
   ·     vague  but persistent gastrointestinal upsets such  as gas, nausea, and  indigestion    ·     frequency and/or urgency of urination in the absence  of an infection;    ·     unexplained  weight gain or weight  loss   ·     pelvic  and/or abdominal swelling, bloating and/or  feeling of fullness;    ·     ongoing  unusual fatigue;    ·     unexplained  changes in bowel  habits.
If symptoms  persist for more than 2 weeks, ask your doctor  for a combination pelvic/rectal  exam,   CA-125,  blood test, and trans-vaginal  ultrasound.
 A pap test  WILL NOT detect ovarian  cancer.
She must  reach every woman with this message about  Ovarian Cancer.

Say a  prayer for all those who are affected by this  terrible disease. 

She's  walking around the world --- via   e-mail!! 

Pass it on  so she can reach every woman in the world! 
Please hit  your forward button, so this woman stays  animated.