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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tomorrow Let the Bells Ring for Jesus !!!

"Tomorrow I will walk into a building that once held such fear.  I remember making a trip up to Sunnybrook Hospital back in April, before I even had surgery. I could not walk into the Cancer Center.  As I now sit and watch others walk in and tentatively look around, I recall the feelings that engulfed me.  I am praying that when I regain strength again, and my immune system recovers that I will be able to volunteer at our local cancer center.  I know the fear.  I know the longing to have someone come and guide you through, sharing what to expect, listening."

This is an excerpt taken from an update Joy sent out today. I remember taking that trip with her. That day was indeed hard, yet Jesus provided the foundation on which this "survivor" would soon emerge.  Here we are, September, and Joy is getting her final chemo tomorrow!!!  What a day of celebration it will be!!! It is tradition at the cancer center when a patient finishes their last chemo treatment they get to ring a bell. The bell ringing signifies the end of their long treatment journey. Tomorrow our own "Joy" a.k.a. "Joybells", will be ringing a bell. (smile) 

As with the end of chemo comes the return of "normal." Life will never again be what it was for Joy or her family. Her biggest desire through this battle has been to be Christ-like. Her countenance, motives, heart and life have been just that, a testimony of Christ. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt Joy will never be the same. Lives have been changed because of her walk through this valley. Although in the back of her mind there may always be a question of "am I really cured?", Joy knows that what Jesus has done is nothing short of a miracle in her life. As this chapter of treatment closes tomorrow, will you help her celebrate? Find a bell and tie it to your keys, or your shoes. Every time that bell rings, praise Jesus for all He has done for our Joy. Pray for those who are still in the battle. Let the bells ring for Jesus tomorrow!!!

Joy still needs our prayers throughout the day as the last treatment did not go well, nor did the days following. I will try to keep the blog and Facebook updated as she connects with me during the day. Feel free to comment here or on Facebook and let us know how you are ringing in the praise tomorrow.
Standing in the gap for Joy "Faith,"
Diane "Hope"


Anonymous said...

Praying for Joy tomorrow!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Will be celebrating with you tomorrow, Joy. I know the road ahead will be filled with many mixed emotions, but I also know that God will walk it with you, unafraid of your "next."

Love you, friend.