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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Get Those Praise Bells Ready!!!

Chemo number 6 is about to get under way. So those praise bells will soon be a ringing. PRAISE JESUS!!!
After talking to the doctor this morning Joy will only be having the one medication that did not give her problems. Treatment won't be as long for her today. That means the bell ringing will be underway that much sooner. (I am doing the happy dance. You just can't see me.)

There are some other amazing promises fulfilled for our sister, but those are hers to share. Please stay close through out the coming days with prayer and praise as she gets through this last treatment. He has never left her or forsaken her. He will never leave or forsake you either. This journey is a living testimony of His mercy and love for but just one.

If you don't have some bells......what are you waiting for .....there is still time!!!!!!!!!!

Standing in the gap, waiting to ring my bell for "Faith".
Diane "Hope"

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