Kindred Spirits

Monday, July 4, 2011

Bubble Therapy

What is it about bubbles that captivates us? Is it the crystal circles of air that glisten in the sun? Or the carefree nature in which they float through the air?  From the time we are small children we are exposed to the magic of bubbles. They are almost seductive after the first puff through the simple plastic circle dipped in a soapy solution. As youngsters we are convinced the store bought version is far superior to the homemade one. I for one could not be swayed. Mom's version didn't have the "wow factor"; that peel off the foil top, brand new smell and slime on your fingers stuff you can't mix up in a sink factor. Oh yeah, you know what I'm talking about! There is something about bubbles that is intoxicating at any age. Bubbles make you just forget about your worries. Those crystal circles of air catch the wind and they float away, no destination, no time, they just float and POP. You dip, blow and more bubbles appear.  It is that simple. If a child is crying, bubbles make them laugh. If an person is sad, bubbles make them happy. Bubbles are a win-win situation, they are cheap and fun. 

When was the last time you and a friend bought a bottle of bubbles and shared a laugh? 
Maybe you need some "Bubble Therapy". 
Watch the following video and see what happens when Joy and I shared some "Bubble Therapy."


patricia e said...

ok - so I'm going out to buy bubbles tomorrow and taking to my dad's...We moved him into a long term care facility and he's just feeling really lost right now...I think bubbles are just the cure!! Thank you ladies...You girls have so much fun together...Isn't that what life's all about??
Blessings and prayers to you both!

Catherine said...

Bubbles are a wonderful healing tool! Last month when Grandpa was in the hospital Hannah took bubbles in to play with him and he loved did the man in the bed across from him! Such wonderful things in the form of bubbles!!